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Are you finding it more and more difficult to recruit and retain your company's top performers (high achievers)?  Does your company have what it takes to keep millennials engaged?  L & R  Human Resource Consulting, LLC  can provide the solution.  

Offering the ideal culture and environment, free of harassment, retaliation, along with enhanced employee/employer experiences, can reduce/eliminate turnover and increase productivity and profits for your company.    

L & R Human Resource Consulting, LLC provides Masters prepared, certified and skilled Human Resource professionals to provide onsite HR investigations, development training, leadership coaching, and stress management strategies through HR coaching sessions.

Let L & R Human Resource Consulting, LLC empower your staff and employees with needed training workshops to improve company culture, increase employee engagement, thereby pushing your employee retention rate skyrocketing through the roof, yielding a great return on your investment of top performing employees. 

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L & R has the unique advantage of providing employment law guidance to help your company avoid costly lawsuits.  We offer HR investigative services for employment violation claims brought against your company, and provide HR training strategies that focus on leadership development, employee/employer improvement, employee productivity and performance using simple HR metrics and analytics.  

EEOC claim responses are our expertise!  L & R Human Resource Consulting, LLC will review, compose, and submit responses for any/all EEOC claims against your organization with proven dismissal success! 

We guarantee all services and deliver a personal, yet professional and confidential connection with each customer.    


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